ROMAIN-H belt automation


  • Automation kit for single leaf sliding refrigerated doors, designed to be applied above the sliding guide of the existing door
  • Maximum leaf weight 250 Kg
  • Maximum speed 0.5 m/"
  • HTD8 toothed belt drive (8 meters)
  • 1:10 gear reducer in painted aluminum and AISI-304 stainless steel hollow shaft
  • 350 W DC motor with integrated encoder (A1X2470)
  • Electronic panel in plastic IP65 (A1X2023)
  • 2 DIG external pushbutton panel that can be directly connected to the control panel via an industrial connector (A1V0204)
  • Motor transmission, assembly fixing plates and door driver, reversible for right or left door in AISI-304 stainless steel
  • Stainless steel bolts
  • Single-phase power supply 100-240 V 50-60 Hz
  • Operating temperature -25 +50° C


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