SBTA automatic sliding freezer door -25°C


  • The ideal solution for large cold rooms, where robustness and reliability are required. The particular constructive shape of the rail ensures that when closing the door it lowers and approaches the frame, pressing the gaskets and guaranteeing the perfect sealing of the door
  • Door thickness 100mm in polystyrene density 33 kg/mc
  • Door edge in AISI304 steel
  • Faces in white fiberglass
  • Frame with thermal break in AISI304 steel
  • Rail in anodized aluminum
  • 24Vdc automation that controls correct positioning, slowdown and obstacle detection
  • IP65 control pushbutton panel embedded in the door frame with display, single-phase power supply 100-240 V 50-60 Hz
  • IP65 pushbutton inside the cold room
  • IP65 electrical panel mounted in the rail, pre-wired and ready to use
  • IP67 photocells pre-wired and embedded in the framerear guide raised 500mm from the floor
  • Connection bended sheets in AISI304 steel for walls up to thickness 200mm
  • 24V heating cable inserted in the frame
  • SB1 flush floor threshold with double 24V heating cable
  • Hardware and bolts in AISI304 steel and thermoplastic resin.